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Welcome to the Members' Area. Below you will find various links and information that benefit our members.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2015, the current IRS mileage rate is fifty-six cents (56¢) per mile for business miles driven.


SoundExchange Partners with MySpace to Collect Royalties 
A recently announced partnership between SoundExchange (the nonprofit performance rights organization that collects and distributes digital performance royalties) and MySpace will result in thousands of new artists and indie labels collecting royalties.SoundExchange will now be able to contact more than 25,000 major, independent and unsigned artists who hold profiles on MySpace. Unregistered artists on MySpace are collectively owed more than $14 million in royalties (from Internet and satellite radio streaming), which are held in escrow by SoundExchange.SoundExchange, unlike other royalty services, which only collect and distribute funds for their own members, accumulates digital performance royalties for all performers, then finds them so they can be paid.Since most artists release tracks on their MySpace page, SoundExchange is seeking a way to create a MySpace ID system to verify a band’s identity, so payment is easier to distribute. It also wants to make it easy for bands to register, so they can start receiving the royalties.“It can be a challenge notifying and convincing artists to register with SoundExchange because they don’t know they’re entitled to these royalties, or they believe it’s too good to be true,” says Bryan Calhoun, vice president of new media and external affairs with SoundExchange. “That is why it is important to work with partners who understand the value of our work and have existing relationships with those artists. MySpace has enormous reach and credibility in the artist community.”